Desert Sunset

Desert Sunset

Beauty discovered
In unlikely places
Found when lost
Or left alone

Places unliked
The dieing lands
Where no water the thirsty find


But not

Not Really

With closer look
Life is found
Teeming Actually

All life waiting watching
Sand and plant
And animal alike
for the climax
The anticipation

The artist’s crowning work
bringing together
the multitude of colors

Crimson and pink
Plum and rose
all shades in between
Golden yellows
Hues of orange

Mixing weaving

Majestic in splendor
But for a moment

Deepest reds
Bring about the final close
As all fades to night


Prints are available for purchase at Desert Sunset.
All profits are donated to the non-profit group Makeway Partners to help aid in their fight to end human trafficking.

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