Pacific Bloom

Today we have two special guest blogger poets.  I gave an open invitation for friends to submit their original poetry to compliment this original work called Pacific Bloom.  I had two submissions.  I want to thank both Elaine and Gbenga for their submissions.  Both are wonderful pieces.  If you like their work, please let them know in the comments below.


Into the Deep
Awake or asleep
Ebb and flow
Barely scratching the surface
The depth so deep
The darkness so dark
Diving deeper still
Increasing pressure
Into the Abyss
Rise to the Light
Reaching to grasp

by Elaine


Life is beautiful when it blooms
Amidst the throes that glooms
And when the dawn shall crow
Then hope shall rise and glow
Life is colourful when it buds
When it sparkles from the muds
And Through the eyes of the sky
Temporal beauty shall flee the eyes
But reside in the barns of the heart
Where love would never depart
This is the motif that masks my motive
Yes, it may be addictive
But peace would flow like a river
Priceless above gold and silver
When men see life as a work of art
Linking each part to its part
Like coat of many colours
Above rubies and self-honours
When life is beautiful it blooms
No matter the danger that looms
Light is there to lead the way
And hew a place to stay
In the ripples of the mind
When it shall soar on the wings of the wind
This is the impression of the image
Etched in the rainbow for all ages
For there would be no doom
Thus, all shall boom when life blooms.
by Gbenga E. Fayemiwo
Gbenga Fayemiwo is a Nigerian writer and poet who has recently authored his first book of poetry called, “Grace Found Me!”  It is an amazing collections of poems on grace.  You can follow Gbenga and his poetry on his facebook page.



Prints are available for purchase at Pacific Bloom.
All profits are donated to the non-profit group Makeway Partners to help aid in their fight to end human trafficking.

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