Formless and void
Hovering about
Motion and movement
Coming together
being formed
matter and energy
atoms born
particles formed
life springs forth

from the unseen
creation is birthed
brought forth
from the womb
of the unknown
breathed to life
set in motion
in its eternal course


Prints are available for purchase at Creation.
All profits are donated to the non-profit group Makeway Partners to help aid in their fight to end human trafficking.

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  1. Womb of the unknown – I like that! A distinctly unique poetic description of quantum realms. Do you do the art as well as write the poetry?


    1. Yes,sir. The art is my original work. I write the poetry to compliment the artwork. I have around 300 original works of art and probably 60-70 complementary original poems.

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  2. Unbelievable. I dabble in poetry, but am completely useless as far as depictive art. But I am a much better art consumer than art producer ;-).
    This is a wonderful idea to combine images with words in such fashion. Both poetry and art are still depictions of reality, and are a perfect vehicle to combine the power of the image and of the word to represent the “moment”, the ” I am-ness” of various aspects of existence

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    1. I like that. Representing the “I am-ness” of aspects of existence. I am also a musician and am looking for ways to incorporate music into my art and writing.

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