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Good evening friends, family, and faithful readers.  This post is a bit of a deviation from my normal work.  I wanted to take a small break from my poetry and spiritual themed writings to share a bit about the school where I teach.  I work at a small private school in a very rural part of central Texas.  I teach high school math and computer skills classes.

Our little school is impacting the community and is raising the next generation of future leaders.  They will be tomorrow’s doctors, teachers, business men and women.  Many of our students have gone on to secondary education and have graduated as doctors, lawyers, and teachers.  We have students who have both joined the military as well as the police and local law enforcement agencies.

We want to grow and want to continue to impact our community at large.  To do these we need strategic partners who catch the vision of what we are doing and who will come along side us to help in fulfilling our purpose of raising up the next generation of leaders in our community.

We have kicked off our 1-to-1 fundraising campaign and are inviting 10,000 people to partner with us in contributing $100 to raise up tomorrow’s future leaders.  10,000 partners each contributing $100 would generate $1,000,000 for our school.  This will allow us to expand our STEMS program, implement a hands-on thinkery lab, and greatly extend our academic and fine arts programs.

For every donor from my page, I will personally send you a signed, matted 5×7 print of any of my original works of art of your choice.  The complete library of my work is viewable at http://cmg-design-studios.pixels.com/  Once your donation is received, message me the name of the piece you want along with your mailing address, and I will get it in the mail to you.

You can Donate Here.
Or you can make a donation directly from our school website:

Thank you for partnering with us to raise up future leaders.


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