Forest Twilight

Forest Twilight

awaken the dawn
give birth to new light

softest glow arising
softly shadows dancing
to gentle rhythmic motions
of the great sleeping giants
soon to be awakened

peaking over the horizon
hoping to glimpse

final touches
set in place
the stage is set
for the unveiling
of the day’s mysteries

What will it hold?

fanciful flight in
morning’s first light
delicate dew drops
and day lilies
prepare for the opening act

ready to break forth
as the curtain of night is drawn back

a cacophony of chatter slowly subsides
as the cast and audience alike
await with eager anticipation
the dawn

then with great applause the trees
and every creature usher in
the master of ceremonies

and with graceful bow
the sun gives queues to set in motion
the production
of today


Prints are available for purchase at Forest Twilight.
All profits are donated to the non-profit group Makeway Partners to help aid in their fight to end human trafficking.

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