Autumn Rhapsody

Autumn Rhapsody

Intricate textures
Carefully woven
Masterfully blended
A symphony
of color
and light
a tapestry of sound
a story in motion
the players are introduced
the stage is set
the plot unfolds
softly now
the colors reveal the twists
the unexpected turns
whispers in the wind
building ever higher
tension building
strings are calling
climax approaches
the fiend revealed
everything hidden
is now seen
the chase
the capture
now wrapping up
all the loose ends
the story
drawing to a close
colors dim
sounds fade
night falls with the final curtain


Prints of Autumn Rhapsody are available for purchase at Autumn Rhapsody.

All profits are donated to the non-profit group Makeway Partners to help aid in their fight to end human trafficking.


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