Come Home

Most of what I post of my writings is inspired by my art.  I observe the art and write what comes to me.  However, this one is a bit different.  I wrote this and then looked for one of my artworks which was a good compliment to the poem.  The piece is called regeneration and has noise and chaos mixed with something new and green.  The poem speaks of being lost and coming home.  I think they are a nice fit for each other.

Come Home

Broken down walls
Of a broken down life
Hidden in plain sight

The life of the party
For all to see

And none to see

The empty, the lonely, the broken
Longing to be whole
Longing to be free

Torn between two worlds

The secret silent ache of every beating heart

Lonely and lost
Wandering this dark and weary road

Yet among the noise
Of 10,000 voices

One calls

Come home

Never loud
Never forceful
Always present

Come home

As gentle as the breeze
As soft as light
dancing in shadows

with comfort

Almost unheard
Almost unknown
yet ever present
always calling

Come home

 Drawn to the whisperings of the creator’s voice

Looking for the place
where my heart knows it is alive

 I hear

Come and find rest
Come and find peace
Come and find the place where you belong


Prints of Regeneration are available for purchase by clicking the image below


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